MatrixMen was established to provide support for men that get to a point in their lives where they can no longer deny the fact that they were at some point in their lives sexually abused.

This is often a harsh reality that is difficult to deal with, and many men choose to end it all. This is not the only choice, You now have help at hand.

The effects of sexual abuse remain with the victim and often create serious and ongoing problems for both the victim and their families in later life.

The problems associated with CSA include :

•The inability to create meaningful relationships.

•Some form of sexual dysfunction, including sex addiction, porn addiction and incapacity for intimacy.

•Relationship problems including excessive anger towards ones partner.

•Personal shame.

•The inability to fulfill ones potential.

•Excessive reliance on drugs & alcohol.
•Excessive anger

MatrixMen is a Non-Profit and a Non Government Organisation, created and managed by people who have themselves been victims of sexual abuse.

MatrixMen provides support services to people who wish to overcome the ongoing effects of abuse. These services include the creation of a safe environment for the discussion of these issues, in a group dynamic.